HS & Partners
Our assistance covers the following areas:

Company Formation

We help our clients with the establishment and/or organization of their businesses and support them in executing the same (such as obtaining Free Zone licenses and collaborating with all relevant authorities (like ADGM, DIFC and VARA) for required regulatory approvals).

Blockchain Integration

HS & Partners Legal Consultancy helps clients navigate the legal implications of adopting blockchain technology for their current business activities or creating new blockchain-enabled solutions and offerings.


HS & Partners can prepare shareholders agreements, terms and conditions or compliance policies for you. We can provide all of the essential documents required for licensing by regulatory authorities (such as ADGM and VARA)


Our approach is to create a clear and effective strategy that involves a thorough analysis of your company’s objectives, understanding your needs and preferences, defining unique value propositions, fostering community engagement and developing a comprehensive business plan for successful execution.

Community Building

Our goal is to help you grow your community, by creating active engagement, building relationships, and providing a supportive environment through social media, forums, events, and other channels to increase adoption and growth.

Liquidity Enhancement

HS & Partners helps you with token economics, token distribution, liquidity pool creation, market maker access and other strategies to increase liquidity and promote trading.

Market access

Experienced in handling cryptocurrency exchanges, connecting with emerging markets, developing efficient tactics, and encouraging adoption to increase visibility and access.

Intellectual Property

A project’s technology, data and intellectual property are some of the most important assets of a business. Our team can help you safeguard these assets.

Technical Support

We provide expert support and guidance for web3 projects in blockchain technology, smart contract development, and security auditing to help them implement and optimize their solutions.